A Great “Catch”

Q: How do you get a guy to notice you? And how can you get him to like you?

adropThe best way to “catch” a godly guy is to be the mirror image of the qualities you’re looking for. It’s pretty simple, actually (though not always easy!). If you want a godly guy, he’s going to be looking for a godly girl. If you want a guy who tells the truth, you have to be trustworthy yourself. If you want a guy who has integrity, you have to be a girl who keeps her word. You get the idea.

Unfortunately, my little formula won’t guarantee that the guy you’re crushin’ on right now will take notice of you. But if you’re willing to trust God’s timing, and as you focus on becoming more like Christ, eventually the right guy will notice your beautiful heart and mind, and he’ll be willing to do whatever it takes to pursue you. I’d say that kind of guy will be worth the wait! And the added bonus to this game plan is that if for some reason Mr. Wonderful never comes around, you’ll still be more like Christ! And becoming more devoted to God is better than a boyfriend any day of the week.


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