My Parents Are Splitting Up

Q: My mum and dad split up three days ago and I have cried nonstop ever since. My dad has moved out. I know my mum is having an affair. I confronted her and she’s still denying it. What should I do?

I am so, so incredibly sorry that you’re going through this. It absolutely breaks my heart to see kids–no matter what age–have their worlds torn apart because of their parents’ mistakes and sin. I wish I had some three-step solution to make all the hurt and frustration go away. I don’t have a perfect solution, but I do know that, if we’ll let Him, God draws closest to us when we feel like we can’t go on; when we’re at the end of ourselves; when our hearts feel like they’ve been shattered into a thousand, tiny pieces. Psalm 34 is my favorite place to go when my heart is broken and the tears just keep coming. If you have a Bible, I’d encourage you to read it today. I don’t know what sort of relationship you have with God, if any, but while your family is going through this incredibly difficult time, I’d encourage you to turn to Him. He cares about you–and everything that’s going on in your life–more than you know!

As for your mom… If she’s having an affair, she’s absolutely in the wrong. But, as a daughter, you probably aren’t in a place to change her heart. As hard as it must be to watch her bad choices affect the rest of your family, you are not responsible to fix your parents’ relationship. Their problems are not your fault–in any way–but you also don’t have the power to save their marriage all by yourself. The  best thing you can do is pray for your mom and your dad to start making wise choices and turn their hearts to God to heal their marriage.

One of the hardest–but most important–things in life is learning to respond with forgiveness and grace, even when others do you wrong. I promise to pray for you this week, sis, and I’ll be here if you need somewhere to vent, okay?


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