Q. I like this guy, and I’m pretty sure that he likes me. He’s a year younger than me, and my friends don’t like him because he makes stupid jokes. He’s really fun, but I don’t know if I should like him or not! And if I do, should I make the first move or wait?

Well, your friends’ feelings aside, let’s ask some other questions to figure out if you “should” like him or not:

  1. Is dating someone at this point of your life wise? (If you’re not sure, check out the Jessie’s Thoughts on Dating post.)
  2. Does He love God more than anything else?
  3. Is he mature enough for a relationship?
  4. Does he care enough about you to do whatever it takes to pursue your beautiful heart? (Yes, that includes making the first move…and the second…and the rest!)
  5. Are you attracted to him physically and emotionally?
  6. Do your parents approve of a relationship with him?

If the answer to any of those five questions is no, then you’d do best to wait. Remember, sis, you deserve a guy who “fits” on every level, so don’t make the mistake of settling for less than that just to have the temporary pleasure and status of “having a boyfriend.” Stick to your guns and wait for God’s best. You won’t be disappointed!