I’m the Only Single Girl on the Planet!

Q: I am in high school and it seems like everyone has a boyfriend except me. How can I either catch one, or be comfortable with not having one?

I’m going to lean toward the “be comfortable with not having one” option rather than trying to catch one! (grin)

I know sometimes it can feel like you’re the only single person on the planet. (Luckily that’s not actually true!) I also know that sometimes it seems like the girls you know who have boyfriends are happier. But that’s not usually true either.  If you could fast forward a few weeks, months or years, I guarantee you will be the happy one–free of regret, broken hearts and all the baggage that comes from the dating-go-round. One day those girls might just look at you and say to themselves, “Man, she gets to enter into marriage with her whole heart. I wish I could be her!” Not that you’re looking for others’ envy, but it can help to remember the end reward during the lonely times today.

It might seem like you’re “missing out” by being single in high school, but those feelings don’t line up with God’s truth. The apostle Paul tells Christian women that singleness is actually a great gift! You have more time to focus on God and be devoted to Him (1 Corinthians 7, especially verse 34). In Matthew 6:33, Jesus tells us that if we’re seeking God’s kingdom with our whole hearts, God will provide us with everything we need. So while you focus on pursuing God, you can be sure that if a relationship is what’s best for you, He’ll bring just the right guy along at just the right time. Isn’t it awesome having a Daddy who loves to give the best gifts to His daughters at just the right time in our lives? I for one am glad that He knows what I need even better than I do!

While you focus on becoming more like Christ and wait patiently on God for that special relationship, surround yourself with people, Scripture, and music that will remind you that contentment with godliness is like money in the bank (1 Timothy 6:6)!


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