Q. This boy I like knows I like him, and we talk a lot. But I don’t know if he’s a Christian. How do I ask him without ruining what I have with him?

I say you just ask him–straight up, no hesitation. You’ve got nothing to lose, because “what you have with him” isn’t worth a hill of beans if he doesn’t love God, anyway…right?

Just a word of caution, sis: Make sure you let him pursue  your heart, not the other way around. Since you know that he’s aware of your feelings, I say leave the ball in his court. Let him take the lead in calling you or asking to hang out. Then you can be sure of his feelings, while keeping your dignity intact. And if he  does love God, he should be making sure that  you’re a Christian before he even thinks about showing interest in you! Remember our definition of contentment: Don’t settle for less than you deserve just to get what you want.

Hope that helps, sis!